To create benefit for society and individuals by actively developing media, technology and human resources that move different cultures to grow and prosper together.
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Managing Director, BSc
Vancouver, Yokohama

Andrew directs all business and product development for Colors Network, while overseeing day-to-day operations. Prior to founding Colors Network, Andrew spent several years in both Tokyo and Vancouver working as a Japanese/English interpreter and translator, as well as teaching, developing and directing ESL programs. Andrew has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Simon Fraser University, with a minor in English Literature.

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Eriko TOGO

Director Marketing, BSc

Eriko directs all Marketing for Colors Network, while while working closely with the Managing Director on product development. Joining just after Colors Network was founded, Eriko remains key in the research, development and promotion of Colors Network's industry leading educational programs. Eriko has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Okayama Science University.

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Christopher YOUNG

Director Media, BFA

Christopher overseas all videography, photography and media production for Colors Network, while advising our team and our clients on social media production techniques. Creative Director of award-winning film production company VLY Productions, Christopher is a veteran of media production with extensive experience in fashion photography and videography, corporate video production, as well as scriptwriting and directing. Christopher has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media from Ryerson University.

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Darren ESAU

Technical Advisor, MMath, BSc
St. Johns

Darren advises our team on technology and app development, with a special focus on strategy and best practices. A veteran of the gaming industry, Darren was Lead Programmer on best selling video games Simpsons Hit & Run and Simpsons Rage before spending several years as Senior Programmer at Hothead Games, and is currently Technical Director at boutique game development company Switchblade Monkey. Darren has a Masters of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Colors Network is a privately-owned, for-profit enterprise registered in the Province of British Columbia. We are based in Vancouver, Canada and Yokohama, Japan.

Subsidiaries & Initiatives

Colors Network owns all intellectual property and trademarks for the following subsidiaries:

  • GRANVILLE INSTITUTE: Founded in 2002 to deliver our ground-breaking interpreting and translation curriculum to the classroom, by 2005 Granville Institute had become the leader in overseas interpreting and translation training for the Japanese market, certifying close to 1000 students for work in interpreting, translation, language instruction, and international business.
  • COLORS NEWS: Colors News was founded in 2004 as Canada's first multilingual English and CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) magazine, with articles published in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Focusing on important important cross-cultural social issues, print and online issues continued until 2008.
  • FLUENCY1st.com: Developed using the latest in mobile app technology, FLUENCY1st.com leverages integrates student-teacher video classes with state-of-the-art audio and video practice exercises.
  • ENGLISH PRESENTATION RESCUE: Launched in 2019, English Presentation Rescue (Japanese: 英語プレゼン・レスキュー) looks to use Colors Network's expertise in technical translation, media development and language training to help researchers and technologists ensure their important research and techology successfully makes it to the world stage.

Corporate Partners

Colors Network operates primarily as a business-to-business enterprise, enjoying working relationships with numerous local and overseas companies. Through our partners, we have made major contributions to projects for many major corporations, such as NHK, Ricoh, Mitsubishi and Murata.

Colors Network partners with Ingram Content Group for worldwide publishing and distribution of hardcover and paperback books, and is also a minority investor in the award-winning Vancouver-based film production company VLY Productions, a partnership that provides state-of-the-art media production capabilities.

Colors Network also interfaces with the general public through its educational subsidiaries English Presentation Rescue, FLUENCY1st.com and Granville Institute.

Colors Network was founded in 2000 by translator, interpreter and language educator Andrew Zieger with a vision of using cross-cultural business opportunities to increase mutual prosperity and understanding between different cultures. Soon joined by Director Marketing Eriko Togo, Curriculum Developer Kaoru Kamio, and Technical Advisor Darren Esau, Colors Network initially focused on interpreting and translation services while doing researching and testing on groundbreaking interpreting and translation training materials.

After two years of research, development and classroom testing, Colors Network set up subsidiary Granville Institute to deliver industry-leading interpreting and translation courses to the classroom. With the help of talented multilingual instructors and curriculum developers such as Kimiye Kawashima, Isabelle Miranda, Jeff Nordin, Chihiro Otsuka, Travis Miguez and Mariko Ishikawa, Granville Institute soon became the leader in overseas interpreting and translation training for the Japanese market.

After expanding into the Korean market under the direction of Korean Coordinator Christine Hyun, 2004 saw Colors Network launch Colors News, Canada's first CJK multilingual magazine; published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) and English, ColorsNews focused its reporting on creating better understanding across cultures of important social issues, such as gay marriage, climate change and transgender rights. At its peak, circulation of the free print version in the Vancouver area reached into the thousands.

By the late 2000s, internal market research and analysis predicted students would trend away from classroom-based learning towards online training, so Colors Network began shifting its educational strategy from the classroom-based learning of Granville Institute to the research, development and testing of new generation online training that integrates student-teacher video classes with customizable app-based audio and video exercises for homework, testing and independent study.

As social media began its rise to prominence in the early 2010s, Colors Network expanded its media production and publishing capabilities to help translation clients create the more and better content required – especially video – for their new research, technology and products to cross into new cultures. Colors Network helped found Vancouver movie production company VLY Productions, co-producing the award winning feature movie FOCUS, and produced and published several bilingual titles for worldwide distribution in cooperation with US wholesale publisher Ingram Content Group.

Research, testing and development continued on next generation online language training, and in 2015 Colors Network became a pioneer in applying gamechanging developments in mobile app development, developing and alpha-testing FLUENCY1st.com, an app utilizing enterprise-level web technologies such as Node.js and Ember.js to allow instructors to not only teach through video online, but also to create state-of-the-art audio and video homework, testing and self-study exercises customized for each student.

As FLUENCY1st.com reached beta-testing in 2017, feedback from translation clients involved in research and technology increasingly requested help with live and video English presentations to communicate the importance of their research and products to the rest of the world – especially after previous presentations failed to connect with English speakers.

Striking at the heart of the mission to "move different cultures to grow and prosper together", Colors Network soon addressed this vital need by developing English Presentation Rescue (Japanese: 英語プレゼン・レスキュー), a new flagship service combining FLUENCY1st.com app technology with our expertise in technical translation, promotional copywriting and language training to ensure researchers and technologists successfully communicate their important new research and technology on the world stage.

After completing beta-testing completed in 2019, Colors Network welcomed the new decade with the official launch of English Presentation Rescue .

Notable Events

  • 2000: Colors Network founded.
  • 2002: Granville Institute set up to bring Colors Network's industry-leading interpreting and translation training curriculum to the classroom.
  • 2004: Colors News founded as Canada's first CJK multilingual magazine, published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.
  • 2006-2007: Colors Network becomes the largest provider of interpreting and translation training for Japanese outside of Japan.
  • 2010: Colors Network partners with US wholesale publisher Ingram Content Group to publish critically acclaimed translation Sun Tzu’s Original Art of War.
  • 2012: Colors Network partners with US wholesale publisher Ingram Content Group to publish the popular Art of War: Centenniel Anthology Edition.
  • 2013: Colors Network co-produces award-winning comedy FOCUS, a feature film written, developed and produced by VLY Productions.
  • 2015: Award-winning feature comedy FOCUS sold to SUPERCHANNEL.
  • 2017: Beta launched for FLUENCY1st.com, incorporating the latest in web technology to integrate the most effective audio/video-based language learning exercises within teacher directed courses.
  • 2020: English Presentation Rescue (Japanese: 英語プレゼン・レスキュー) launched to help ensure important research and technology is successfully communicated across cultures.

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