Media, translation and education to encourage cross-cultural cooperation and initiatives since 2000.

Colors Network creates media and advertising so individuals and organizations can reach new cultures with their research, technology and ideas. With corporate partners VLY Productions and INGRAM, we have been involved in producing everything from feature length movies to videos promoting the latest technology to helping researchers present their latest discoveries.

Notable Projects

Here are a few of our more notable media:

  • Feature Movie FOCUS: Heavily involved in pre-production of the award-winning independent comedy feature FOCUS, Colors Network worked to coproduce the film with VLY Productions. We are currently assisting VLY PRODUCTIONS with pre-production for their next feature, to begin filming September 2020.
  • PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION: In addition to publishing and worldwide distribution of critically acclaimed translation Sun Tzu’s Original Art of War and the popular Art of War: Centenniel Anthology Edition in cooperation with US wholesale publisher INGRAM, worldwide distribution of feature movie FOCUS in cooperation with corporate partner VLY Productions.
  • EDUCATION MULTIMEDIA & APPS: Released in 2002 for launch of subsidiary Granville Institute, Colors Network's industry-leading multimedia interpreting and translation training curriculum was developed with over 10 000 pieces of audio and video. Continually incorporating the latest research in education as well as media and web technology, we've built on and improved that curriculum to develop the new generation web app training system, which integrates student-teacher video classes with the latest audio and visual app technology for homework, testing and independent study.

Colors Network works with individuals and organizations to create culturally sensitive translations that reach across borders.


Colors Network goes beyond translation to creative effective and memorable slogans and content so messages and ideas can be communicated to native speakers on the same footing as competitors in the local market.


Colors Network uses its extensive experience translating and editing in a wide variety of technical topics – from chemical patents to medical research to legal agreements – to help individuals and organizations communicate the importance of their new research, technology and products to new cultures.


In 2019, Colors Network launched English Presentation Rescue (Japanese: 英語プレゼン・レスキュー), which utilizes our expertise in technical translation, promotional copywriting and language training to help individuals and organizations ensure live presentations and promotional videos effectively communicate their important new research and technology on the world stage.


Colors Network subcontracts with overseas translation agencies and major corporations to audit and evaluate translation, narration and narrator quality, and to rewrite or beautify translations by technical writers that fail to connect with the target audiences from different cultures.

Central to Colors Network's founding mission of enabling different cultures to grow and prosper together, human resources development has remained the underlying focus of our research and development efforts.

Language Training for Pros

Set up in 2002 to deliver Colors Network's cutting-edge curriculum to the classroom, Granville Institute administered courses such as Introduction to Interpreting & Translation, Advanced Interpreting & Translation, and Interpreting in Practice have helped close to 1000 students achieve their goal of a multilingual career. While the focus of our human resources development has shifted to online training with projects such as and English Presentation Rescue, classroom courses are still adminstered through Granville Institute when necessary.

Language Training for Everyone

Initially born of a strategy to move Granville Institute's industry-leading interpreting and translation curriculum from the classroom to a more widely accessible web-based system, advances in neurlinguistic research and web app development technology inspired us to develop, a new generation online language training app that integrates the personal attention of a human teacher with the power of personalized Rosetta-style exercises to open top-tier langauge training tools to teachers and students of all cultures and classes. technology is now the bedrock of our educational services, including English Presentation Rescue.

Spreading Research across Cultures

English Presentation Rescue (Japanese: 英語プレゼン・レスキュー) converges Colors Network's unique combination of expertise in language training, technical translation and speechwriting to create a service designed to ensure important new research and technology is effectively communicated on the world stage – an increasingly important element of our vision of media, technology and human resources to move different cultures to grow and prosper together.

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